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The Channel #Japan is around on DALnet since 1995 and has hosted
a countless number of chatters since then.

The OP team which is taking care of the channel has changed
a lot over time, people are coming, people are going.
Anyways, the Operators in charge of the channel are always
well selected nice people who enjoy to chat themselves
and ensure that our users can have a nice chat without much 
distraction by Spam, weird people and other annoyances.

You will see nicks getting kicked or banned from the channel
even though you might not sense any offence.
EXACTLY this is what we do --> removing bad nicks BEFORE
they even can Spam or do other unwanted things.
The #Japan staff is well equipped with all kinds of tools
and the OPs have quite some experience on IRC.
So please don't wonder or ask why this or that nick got banned,
you can most certainly trust that there is a good reason for it.

Some pictures of #Japan people are here.

Security advice

Do NEVER click on ANY URL (web link) if others sent those to you. 
Doing so can result in your PC getting infected, or harmed in other ways!
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